As an enabler for high tech, we focus on building a purposeful ecosystem with our partner network to support both TECH and Business communities. Swiss Blockchain Academy is a natural step to improve the degree of understanding and future collaboration efforts.

Education and promotion of innovative technologies is fundamental to adoption and real world application, and therefore, our objective is to bring useful and easily digestible information to participants who are eager to learn the business value and gain confidence where we are able to offer domain knowledge transfer and demonstrate new business models as well as economic factors in specific market segments.
Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is changing how businesses operate and interact with each other. However, the technology is in its introductory stage of the lifecycle and entry into the “new world” which requires a set of niche skills and knowledge not readily available. The forgoing discussions in the industry indicates that deep understanding is required to keep up pace with this disruptive force and preparation towards the future. To meet this demand we are launching a comprehensive training programme featuring fundamentals, technology comparisons and real world projects in association with our technical, business and academic counterparts.


Introduction to Blockchain fundamentals allows you to understand the key functionalities and address what makes blockchain unique and a promising technology. Develop working knowledge of topics such as tokenisation, digital assets/currencies and how smart contracts differ from traditional legal contracts etc will set the criteria for your own Blockchain journey.

Deep dive into real world transformation opportunities will help develop a clear picture of the role, impact and benefits of the technology in a challenging business environment.

If you are looking to boost your confidence by enhancing your own thinking then this is the right course for you.


How to Prepare your business interests for the future where technology plays a crucial role?

If you are unaware of the opportunities and threats or how the change may impact your business areas then this is the right place to start.

The executive industry framework is designed to help you navigate the trends and evaluate opportunities where we provide you relevant information covering technical insights to re-think your value proposition and re-evaluate your business strategy. This programme is designed to ensure that business executives are not disoriented by un-reliable information available to them and avoid unrealistic expectations thus, allowing stay on the big picture.

Furthermore, understand what approach would drive the competitive advantages and what opportunities are offering strategic advantages to enable you to stay ahead of others.


Suitable for legal, financial and/ or commercial professionals who feels the need to not only enhance your domain-specific knowledge by tapping into working knowledge of programming for non-programmers but also gain technical confidence.

The objective is to explore the technological sphere to become more proficient in both business and technology aspects covering development and application of evolving blockchain protocols such as Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger Fabric and Indy. We have partnered with all major technology providers to offer you the latest and most comprehensive content.


Designed for more tech minded professionals and enthusiasts who feels the need to bridge the knowledge gap and gain certification in emerging DLT protocols.

The training modules includes:

- Cryptography
- Consensus Algorithms
- Smart Contracts (solidity)
- Security
- Token Models
- Design Architecture

Why Train with Swiss Blockchain Academy

Comprehensive Content

  • Up to date course content that is reflective of current status, future development and usage
  • Analysis of real world use cases
  • Demonstration based on practical experience across industries
  • Evaluation of opportunities with our partners in the industry

Enterprise Perspective

  • Expert view of business opportunities, impact and viability of Blockchain use cases
  • Assess regulatory and legal implications and challenges
  • Future trends covering Banking & Finance and digital economy
  • Disruption vs. Transformation

Access to a professional network

  • Get in touch with the best crypto teams in Switzerland, UK and Germany
  • Learn the latest developments from the business leaders from the industry
  • Become a part of our Blockchain community

Demonstrable Concepts

  • Interactive learning experience with knowledge transfer from live projects
  • Deep dive into use cases at sovereign, organisational and user levels
  • Sand box environments set up to enforce your knowledge