About Us

We are at the intersection where business meets technology and find our services and solutions at the heart of change where we are able to add value through our tailored, practical and actionable approach to innovation & adoption.

As a digital business hub, we design, deliver and manage solutions that aligns with business strategy & technology in the Banking & Markets use cases where we are the principle enabler for digitization and driving force behind the change.

Our aim is to shape the future to be more open, efficient and equitable through future applications at sovereign, commercial and consumer levels.


Swiss Blockchain Academy

A public private partnership between participating entities and sponsors to build education and promotion platform for Blockchain training and knowledge transfer leading to ideation and proof of concept demonstrating a scalable application of blockchain services & solutions with a viable commercial models.

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Coin Gauge


Building a secondary market place for retail and SMEs in need of a unique approach to meet their unique capital challenges, as such , we are enabling a market to issue, transfer and settle digital assets (transforming illiquid assets into transferable tradable assets)  with credible market data and automated regulatory compliance sourced through third party services.

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A Product development project focusing on user identity and credentials authentication layer for distributed applications and secure access to user, business and security data.

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