Caegis AG

Caegis AG is a Business Technology Management Company focused on transforming the Banking & Finance Sector.


Establish a purposeful ecosystem to consolidate advanced capabilities, set common goals and develop actionable strategies to enable new markets and business models. Our services, solution and academy is a natural step towards combining business, technical and academic elements to comprehensively educate and promote innovation.


We believe the role of innovative technologies to power the future businesses and economy will continue to advance as the traditional methods are fast becoming outdated. Although theoretically plausible, adoption in most cases are far from reality due to unproven technologies, degree of network readiness, and the timing of initiatives. Our vision is to:

  • Steer efforts collectively with our partners for mainstream adoption.
  • Become an influencer and change leader in financial services sector.
  • Transform highly complex and ineffective business processes.


Strategy: Build services & solutions to meet a unique challenge to develop the future of Financial Services, and meet your needs for we know that you, your demands and eventually your journey is unique.

Expertise: Capitalize on domain expertise and capabilities to transform the industry and generate unique values. Our ability lies in our experience and determination to leverage on the power of innovative technologies.

Collaboration: Consolidate superior capabilities to improve access to digital solutions and make a difference in the industry with evidence to what we can achieve together.

“We bring together stability and security of traditional space paired with the versatility, precision and transparency of innovative technologies.”

Shivansan Macilamani
(Founder & CEO)

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